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Online Safety Campaign by Google

Google has teamed up with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Britain to launch an online safety campaign. According to The Telegraph newspaper this is the first time Google has actively promoted something that is not a product. Anthony House, Google’s … Continue reading

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Teens and Location Apps and Services

(From an article on Commonsense Media) Social networking is for connecting online but new programs and apps now allow teens to share their physical location as well. Apps such as Facebook Places, FourSquare, Loopt, and Gowalla use GPS information (on … Continue reading

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Texting vs Talking: How Adolescents Prefer to Communicate

If there are adolescents at your place, this scenario is probably familiar: you are sitting at the dinner table trying to eat/catch-up/discuss/bond with your teen/s after a busy day. Next to the cutlery/in their pocket the phone keeps buzzing/tink-tinking/jiggling around. … Continue reading

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