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What the Kids Think

YAG UPDATE Every year the Federal Government holds Youth Advisory Group on Cybersafety (YAG) online consultations. Last year and again this year, students at VSC participated in the consultations. The forums finished at the end of June and the contributions … Continue reading

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“Don’t Feed the Trolls” Official Trailer

This upcoming educational video aims to go beyond cyber-bullying and delve into the causes and effects of online aggression. The makers want to document the ways that bullying has changed from playground culture to the online environment. They hope to … Continue reading

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Social Media: Helping to Connect Families

“Connecting Generations” is a new research study that was carried out by Microsoft and AARP (non-profit organisation representing older Americans). They surveyed and then used focus groups to ask more than 2000 teens, adults and older adults  –  Are online … Continue reading

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Teens and Location Apps and Services

(From an article on Commonsense Media) Social networking is for connecting online but new programs and apps now allow teens to share their physical location as well. Apps such as Facebook Places, FourSquare, Loopt, and Gowalla use GPS information (on … Continue reading

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Texting vs Talking: How Adolescents Prefer to Communicate

If there are adolescents at your place, this scenario is probably familiar: you are sitting at the dinner table trying to eat/catch-up/discuss/bond with your teen/s after a busy day. Next to the cutlery/in their pocket the phone keeps buzzing/tink-tinking/jiggling around. … Continue reading

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