Using Images and Sound from the Internet

Photo by: A. Diez Herrero Flickrcc

Copyright and Creative Commons

Images, sound effects, music bytes; you might need to use them for school assignments as well as the works you  create for personal and social reasons. It may seem easy to just ‘google, copy and paste’, but images and music often have a copyright on them and are not to be copied without the owner’s permission. You need to protect yourself and your work by understanding: copyright and the new legal way to share — Creative Commons rights.

Mayer and Bettle video is from: Creative Commons Australia and can be found here along with other great information

You Tube Copyright School

YouTube is committed to protecting original creative works. As part of this commitment, they have established tools such as Content ID for copyright owners, and aim to encourage good behavior from their users.

YouTube believes education is critical to ensure that users understand the rules and continue to play by them so they have developed a new tutorial on copyright and a redesigned copyright help center. They’ve also made some important changes to their copyright process. If you receive a copyright notification for one of your videos, you’ll now be required to attend “YouTube Copyright School,” which involves watching a copyright tutorial and passing a quiz to show that you’ve paid attention and understood the content before you are able to upload more content to YouTube.

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