From the Principal

Mr Tony Jacobs

Welcome to the Vermont Secondary College digital citizenship website. Technology is ever-evolving and plays a crucial role in today’s information society. Our young people continually engage in online activities for educational purposes, social connection and leisure time. The benefits of all this technology greatly outweigh the negatives. It is important that our community and its young citizens are knowledgeable of their rights, the benefits, and the possible dangers that exist so that everyone is able to make better decisions as they take part in life online.

Tony Jacobs


From Library and Learning Services

As a Teacher Librarian the need to provide information on Cyber issues for students, parents and our community is a priority.  With  so much information available and access expanding rapidly, it can be difficult for people, especially parents, to keep track of the changes and issues surrounding internet use.
For today’s young adults, using technology has become a natural part of their academic and social lives.  So there is an ever growing need to equip students with the tools and skills to navigate safely and wisely through two environments: the virtual and the real world.  At VSC Library, we place great importance on providing students with resources and information on Cyber safety and bullying, digital literacy and digital citizenship.   We ensure all learners are catered for by providing a range of programs and activities. We want our students to become responsible, confident and  competent  global citizens.
The VSC Library is pleased to provide this digital citizenship website to help everyone in the College and wider community enjoy better online experiences.

Kerri Simpson
Director of Information Resources

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