Project RockIT Rocks VSC!

On April 18th, our Year 7 students enjoyed a workshop about cyberbullying, social networking, and online culture.  Rosie and Adam of Project RockIT spent the morning discussing issues involved with using the internet. Their visit was part of the Library’s cybersafety program.Project RockIT brainstorm

Students participated in role-playing games which dealt with developing empathy for people targeted online, talking about the why’s and how’s of becoming an upstander instead of a bystander, discussing strategies for dealing with peer issues online and brainstorming about the lasting impressions they would like to leave both online and in real life.

TIP: If you see mean comments or trolling on someone’s page, don’t get involved in a conversation online with the bully (Don’t feed the Trolls!). Simply type “dislike” in the comments box. It supports the person being attacked without inviting further negative comments.

Students were enthusiastically involved and the Project RockIT team commented later on the great vibe of the group. Rosie and Adam obviously left an impression on the students too; over 20 of them went home and liked and/or left comments on the official Project RockIT Facebook page.

Project RockIT aims to tackle (cyber)bullying, hate and ignorance by empowering school students to stand up and lead change. If you like to find out more about their programs and message, why not visit their website, YouTube channel or Facebook page.

We’ll be working with them again soon and definitely letting students know about their up-coming writing competition. Last year one of our Year 9 students won this same competition (prize was an iPad!). You can read Tarsha’s winning entry by visiting Project RockIT’s page and clicking on the Story Comp link.

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