Have a Happy “Safer Internet Day”

February 5th is Safer Internet Day!  What better way to start off the school year than by thinking about how we, as students, parents and educators, can continue to be safe and responsible online citizens. This year’s theme is “Connect with Respect” and focuses on our digital rights and responsibilities.

Share some of the snappy new videos on the CyberSmart YouTube Channel with your students or children. Engage with some of the lesson plans available at SID2013 that look specifically at rights and responsibilities. Raise awareness generally by hanging up some of the posters available at: SID 2013. This year CyberSmart is also holding a live online radio event. You can check here for details.


Safer Internet Day is a global campaign with events sponsored in Australia on the CyberSmart site (run by ACMA – Australia Communications and Media Authority). If you haven’t visited CyberSmart before or not for a while, you’ll be impressed and educated by the wealth of information on this site. Why not check out what’s happening in other countries too by visiting the inSafe site.

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