Reporting Problems on Facebook: New Controls and an Infographic

Last week Facebook changed the way people report problems on its site and part of the revamp was specifically to assist teens. Facebook explains on their Facebook Safety page why they’ve made the changes:

We encourage people on Facebook to use the report buttons located across our site to let us know if they find content that violates our terms of use so we can take it down. But taking down harassing online comments won’t necessarily help people solve the underlying problem in the offline world. Social reporting is a way for people to quickly and easily ask for help from someone they trust. Safety and child psychology experts tell us that online issues are frequently a reflection of what is happening offline. By encouraging people to seek help from friends, we hope that many of these situations can be resolved face to face.

What they’ve changed:

  1. For teens, the REPORT button is now more clearly marked “This post is a problem”
  2. If the button is pressed, Facebook now steps the person through some prompts to help that person work out how the content is affecting them (annoying, threatening etc) and then gives the person options on how to take action.
  3. One of the options provides a way to directly communicate about your feelings to the person who’s posted the content, and provides a more formal avenue for requesting the post be taken down.
  4. Other options offer the person ways to seek out the appropriate support, whether it is someone like a parent or friend on FB or clicking the provided link to a suicide Hotline.

The goal is to empower Facebook users to take charge of their issues and communicate with others about any conflicts.

In an effort to better inform people about what Facebook does when a post is reported, they have also recently released this infographic.

FaceBook Reporting Guide

FaceBook Reporting Guide

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