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Educational Resource for Social Networking Sites and Legal Liability

We often focus on the safety issues of online activities but for young people there are also legal risks they need to be aware of . Often young users do not understand what they have agreed to when they click … Continue reading

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Kids in Denial over Effects of Cyberbullying

A new Australian study reporting on bullying and cyberbullying has found that nearly 1/2 of students in Years 6 to 12 were either bullied, cyberbullied or had bullied others. 30% of children in the survey reported being bullied in the … Continue reading

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“Don’t Feed the Trolls” Official Trailer

This upcoming educational video aims to go beyond cyber-bullying and delve into the causes and effects of online aggression. The makers want to document the ways that bullying has changed from playground culture to the online environment. They hope to … Continue reading

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