Social Media: Helping to Connect Families

Connecting Generations” is a new research study that was carried out by Microsoft and AARP (non-profit organisation representing older Americans). They surveyed and then used focus groups to ask more than 2000 teens, adults and older adults  –

 Are online technologies shaping the way families engage and relate? If so, How?

Their study found that while online communication is helping to bridge the generation gap, there are some differences in perceptions and understandings. Here are some of the main findings:

  • 83% considered going online as a helpful way of communicating with family
  • for some, going online helped them understand family members better or helped others better understand them
  • teens and young adults use social networks to communicate with close family and friends as much as distant family and friends
  • younger and older users have different views on using texting and emails
  • younger and older people felt at ease with going online, despite concerns about cybersafety
  • parents overestimate their children’s willingness to discuss online safety issues with them

This press release about Connecting Generations from the Wall Street Journal sums up the   study and also shares some great tips to help families stay safe while staying in touch. (Just scroll to the end of the article)

Don’t have time to read the study’s summary? Here’s a great video overview made by AARP

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