Top 10 Digital Citizenship Sites

Digital citizenship is more than staying safe online – it’s about knowing how to find your way around (navigate), understanding what sites are trying to do or convince you to do, knowing how to behave online (laws and customs) and being a positive member of the online community. Teaching and learning about digital citizenship is an ongoing responsibility for our schools and learning communities. Cyberwise aims to make the job of choosing what and how to teach a little easier. They’ve just released a list of their Top 10 digital citizenship resources.

It was especially refreshing to read their critieria for resources making it onto the list:

Our requirements for each resource are that they are: 

Proactive – They empower young people to use powerful technologies confidently and wisely.

Not Fear-Based – Although cyberbullying, sexting, and online safety are certainly important concerns, we prefer resources that help young people learn how to harness the power of digital technologies in positive ways that prevent such actions in the first place.

Behavior Focused – It’s about neurology, not technology (apologies to the original author of this great line, wish we knew who??). We love lessons that can be conducted even without technology because they reaffirm our belief that digital citizenship is about basic behaviors… like being nice.

Free – We really like resources that are free!

You can find the Top 10 resources and directly access them from this Cyberwise post or from this web address:

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