How to Create Strong Passwords

In this day and age no one would dream of leaving their house-key under the front door mat – it’s just not safe. When it comes to online security, weak passwords are like leaving the key out. Choosing strong passwords will protect people from accessing your online accounts and possibly stealing, hacking your profile (which may damage your reputation) or finding out private information.

The Cybersmart website recommends:

  • create strong passwords (8 or more characters, mix symbols/letters/numbers)
  • change them at least twice a year.

If you’re like me, one of the hardest parts of is thinking up good passwords that are easy to remember! You may be interested in Password Bird

Password Bird is a simple website that asks you 3 questions then generates a password based on your responses. Every password includes numbers and letters. If you don’t like the password it generates for you, just click the link and it will create a new password.

You don’t need to register or provide contact details so there is no way to link you to details or passwords generated.

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