Online Safety Campaign by Google

Good to Know - Google

Image from Good-to-Know website - Google

Google has teamed up with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Britain to launch an online safety campaign. According to The Telegraph newspaper this is the first time Google has actively promoted something that is not a product. Anthony House, Google’s Communications and Policy Manager told the paper that Google understands that “Everyone wants to stay safe online, but many people aren’t confident that they know how to.”

The campaign is called “Good to Know” and aims to:

empower users to tackle their online security concerns and make more informed decisions about their internet use.

Those of us living outside the UK won’t see the TV commercials or bus ads but we can access the website  at:

Topics include:

This site is easy-to-read, includes ‘jargon buster’ help and short videos explaining the what and the why. There is also a downloadable Handbook here.

Top Tips from the Good to Know campaign include:

  1. Choose strong passwords
  2. Never reply to suspicious emails
  3. When doing transactions online, look for ‘https’ and a padlock in the address window ensuring a site is secure
  4. Always sign out of websites and shut down browsers
  5. Use the 2-step verification for online transactions if the site offers it.
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