Cure The Bullies: Bystander Behaviour Tackled

One of the motivations to pick on someone or bully them is a sense of power. This is increased with attention or an audience. Onlooker or bystander bullying online is a growing issue and often not viewed as a form of bullying at all.

SchoolAid, in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation, has launched a national campaign that identifies and personifies the different types of cyberbullying behaviours, and in particular, bystander behaviour, to raise awareness of this crucial issue, while encouraging open discussion among children and adults alike.

The monsters may look funny but the test and the message is serious. This great little site doesn’t take long to work through (easily done during one class period) but could generate lots of discussion. Students take a quiz and find out how they can cure their particular form of passive behaviours. They can then pickle their problem and display their monster on the museum shelf.  Check out the program on

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