Cyberbullying: the Differences between Boys and Girls

Photo courtesy: J_O_I_D on Flickr cc

Adolescence is all about learning how to get along and become a part of society. Part of learning how to get along inevitably involves fighting and falling out with friends and acquaintances, but when negative behaviour become persistent and sustained it becomes bullying; taken online its cyberbullying, and this can have long lasting effects on victims and perpetrators. We all know from our own experiences at school that boys traditionally used fists and girls used words and social isolation. So how do boys vs girls bully online – what are the differences and what are the effects?

Collett Smart is a well-known teacher, therapist, counsellor, speaker and parenting expert here in Australia and overseas. She is currently undertaking her PhD in Psychology “analysing Social Networking and Cyber Behaviour of Teens.” She has appeared on many  television shows such as Today Tonight and written for many publications. On her blog-site “The Family Factor” Collett recently discussed the where’s, when’s and why’s of bully boys and mean girls online.

You can read her post here. She has included some key tips for families at the end of this article.

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