Web Browsers and Security Bugs

Photo courtesy: hashmil on flickr cc

Everyone uses web browsers to surf the net and view website content. We trust Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome to find and take us to the sites we need, but how safe are they really? Stay Smart Online (an Australian Government Initiative) advises that web browser security bugs are one way that online criminals can gain control of our computers and access our private information.

So are some browsers more prone to security bugs than others? Which one/s are the safest to use? Recently Secunia, an international IT vulnerability management company, prepared reports on the five most commonly used browsers and the number of security bugs each had experienced between April 2010 and March 2011. It also reported on the companies’ response times in releasing patches to fix the bugs. You can read a summary of the report here (click through to Page 6). It makes for a quick yet informative read that can help you make decisions about browser use that best keeps your information secure.

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