Why You Should Update Your Devices and Software

Does your software pester you to update it? It can become really annoying but just like your mother reminding you to eat your veggies, it’s only trying to look out for you!

Software developers release new version of their products whenever they:

  • improve features
  • remove bugs
  • fix security weaknesses

Some software will automatically update or automatically check for updates. Some are set to ask before updating. This means you have control over what you are updating but also means important updates can be easily ignored (with a simple click). The update prompts you should never ignore are the ones from your antivirus/malware software. Without the latest version  loaded, your computer is at risk of catching the newest viruses and infections. Hackers and other dubious organizations are hard at work every day coming up with ways to illegally access people’s private information.

We are all aware and use security measures to protect our houses and cars from theft, it’s equally smart to secure your computers from illegal access to your private information.

This advice can apply to operation systems too; Apple recently released some new updates to solve security problems:

Apple iOS updates 4.3.4 and 4.2.9 are available – SSO-AD2011-022
21 July 2011
Software affected
The following software is affected:
Apple iOS 4.3.3 and earlier
Apple iOS 4.2.8 and earlier
What is the problem?
There are several bugs in Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch software which, if not fixed, could result in the device being attacked by criminals.Your personal and/or business information may be accessed for fraudulent or illegal purposes (eg, identity theft).  Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch might crash and become unusable.

You can read more about the security content of these software updates here:

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