Digital Tattoos

Digital Tattoos

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Tips for protecting your child on their smartphone.

How to protect your children on their smartphones

Thanks to Tiger Mobile for this resource on smartphone use.

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Adele: After she gave birth to a baby boy, she received death threats and insults, rather than congratulations. People joked about her weight and some joked that the baby was born fat and handicapped. One person even Tweeted “Just murder it already, LOL”. Naturally Adele’s fans stood by her through this period of disgusting behavior. Lorde After the release of “Royals”,

Lorde: Lorde and her boyfriend were targeted in racist comments on social media. She opened up about this in an issue of Rolling Stone, saying that she was affected by these comments but she didn’t reply to them.

50 Cent: Last year 50 Cent talked about all his past experiences with cyberbullying, such as abuse, racist comments and just insults in general. He said “When you’re a public figure, you’re public property for them to say these things to you.” He has since put these comments behind him.


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eSafety features great new video clips on their ‘ Chatterbox” site for parents

download 11111

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Welcome to our 2015 online youth advisers

Watch this space for some news from our 2015 online youth advisers…. who are busy creating some great activities for eSmart week. Sept 7 – 11 … (6)

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Kidproof Australia article: Parents

Parents can be an agent of change

If you are worried about the impact of cyberbullying and relational aggression on your child there are things you can do to help.  Parents can be an agent of change by proactively opening conversations about this issue. You can start a conversation by asking your child questions such as these:

  • Have you ever received an angry or rude message from someone via email, text or in a game chat room?
  • Have you continued to receive hurtful messages after you asked them to stop?
  • Were you ever afraid to open an email, text message or go onto a game site for fear of seeing a hurtful message?
  • Have you received unwanted sexually explicit photos or suggestions?

The thing is, most kids know the ‘rules’ of how to deflect a bully; block, report and delete.  So if they know the rules, why aren’t they following the rules?!  This is when underdeveloped critical thinking skills get them into trouble.


Think about your own digital modelling. 

As parents it is our responsibility to set rules, boundaries and expectations when it comes to our children’s online behaviour.  Consequences must also be enforced when rules and guidelines are broken, just as you would in the real world.   What are your values in regards to treating others?  If you expect respect, consideration and tolerance, then expect no less of your children.  Set the expectations of social behaviour and model this by being a good digital citizen yourself.

Encourage kids to do the right thing.  Encourage your child to treat others with respect and to stand up for those who are being targeted.  Empathy and tolerance go a long way in reducing the instances of bullying and cyber bullying. Encourage conflict to be solved face to face.  When a child can see another’s emotions or signs of stress or sadness, they tend to back down.

Technology is a privilege

Too many youth believe technology is their right. Privileges are earned based on good behaviour and meeting family standards. Enforce integrity and have the strength to restrict or take away online access if digital boundaries are violated.  This can be a very tricky thing to do, but it will certainly make an impact.

 Kidproof News  May 2015
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7.1 iPad Ambassador Cyber Safety tip

My Top 5 Cyber Safety Tips

From our 7.1 iPad Ambassador

1: Don’t post personal things on social media, definitely not your phone number and address.

2: Don’t post inappropriate pictures up on social media.

3: Make sure you have an equal balance between tech and exercise. e.g: footy, basketball,

netball, soccer, cricket.

4:NEVER EVER share your password with people, they could hack your account.


5: If you or someone else says anything they would never say to a person’s face then don’t

“like, comment or share the picture”.

In other words, treat people online the same way you’d treat people in real life.

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VSC Cyber report form

Watch our newsletter and bulletin for information about our Cyber report form which will be available shortly on our parent portal

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National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on the 20th of March 2015

Dear parents, guardians and carer’s,

At VSC we aim to create a safe and supportive school community for everyone. Sometimes, it can be difficult for parents or carers to know what to do when their child talks to them about bullying. You are an important part of our work to prevent bullying and to respond effectively if it happens. Stopping bullying involves everyone.

If your child talks to you about bullying: 1. Listen calmly and get the full story. Your calm response is important to allow your child to tell you all about the situation. After they’ve told you their story, ask questions to get more details if you need to: who, what, where, when. Although you may feel some strong emotions about your child’s experience, try to keep calm to avoid more distress to your child.

  1. Reassure your child they are not to blame. Many children blame themselves and this may make them feel even worse.
  2. Ask your child what they want to do and what they want you to do. A critical part of your response is to avoid jumping in to solve the problem. While it is natural to want to protect your child, helping them to find their own solution is a better option. It helps them feel they have some power in the situation.
  3. Visit to find some strategies. The website has tips and ideas for different bullying situations. One idea is to practise strategies at home to help your child feel more confident.
  4. Contact the school. Your child may be reluctant for you to do this, so discuss the idea and reassure them that the school would want to know and is able to help. Contact your child’s student manager or SWC. Contact the school immediately if you have a concern about your child’s safety.
  5. Check in regularly with your child. Keep the conversation going. It can take time to resolve issues, so check in regularly with your child about their experiences and their feelings. Your ongoing support is important.

If you are looking for support for yourself to deal with a bullying situation, you will find ideas on the Bullying. No Way! website for parents. Thanks for your support to make our school a great school for everyone.

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Protect your Privacy: More Changes to Facebook

Photo by Terry Freedman via FlickrCC licence

Photo by Terry Freedman via FlickrCC licence

In early October Facebook again made changes to their privacy policy that users should be aware of. This time they have made all users’ past posts, links and likes from their Timelines searchable. It’s easy to control this once you know how.

You can find out more and learn how to adjust your Timeline privacy settings from AllFacebook’s article . If you want to learn more about securing your general privacy settings on Facebook  try this article by CNET 

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